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911時グランドゼロで作業した消防士の癌発症率は、その他の同僚よりも20%高いとの記事がついにウォールストリートジャーナルに。この時期に出た理由も含めて話題になりそう。 on.wsj.com/qa1iXr


Rates Among Firefighters Who Were at Site Higher Than for Those Who Weren’t

Study Points to WTC Cancer Link





Firefighters who worked at Ground Zero are 19% more likely to have cancer than their colleagues who did not work at the site, according to newly published research that could pave the way for government payments to those suffering from some types of cancer.


The study’s authors also cautioned against drawing broader conclusions, saying it would be wrong to assume that because cancer is more likely among World Trade Center firefighters, it is also more likely among other groups of people exposed to the site.

“This is not an epidemic but an increased risk,” Dr. Prezant said in a conference call with reporters Thursday. He added that, at minimum, the study is a reminder for first responders and others to heed doctors’ advice on tumor screenings and to participate in cancer monitoring programs.

Advocates for Ground Zero responders and New York lawmakers will try to use the study to try to convince officials overseeing a new Sept. 11 health program to pay compensation to people who developed cancer after exposure to the site. The program’s current rules do not allow for payment for cancer, but the rules can be revised.

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