Kei Sugaoka the GE/Tepco Whistleblower 東電のトラブル隠し – Subtitled

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■Kei Sugaoka the GE/Tepco Whistleblower (Subtitles provided):

On June, 2002 one man forced the shutdown of 17 reactors in Fukushima and Niigata in Japan. The reason was a reactor damage cover-up that was denounced by nuclear engineer Kei Sugaoka. Sugaoka a Japanese-American, back then a GE engineer who was in charge of the inspection and repairs of nuclear reactors became aware of several structural damages in a Fukushima reactor. However, he was told by TEPCO and GE to cover-up the damage and erase all the evidence about it. In response he submits a report of the irregularities to the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan which after further investigation unveil a total of 29 cover-up cases. This whistleblow scandal in the industry forces the temporary shutdown of 2 nuclear plants in Fukushima and Niigata and a complete restructuring in the nuclear industry in Japan.
The video are the clips of two japanese TV shows aired in summer of 2003 that document the cover-up incident.

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■内部告発 東電のトラブル隠し:




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